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The Secret of my Success

If you believe in miracles, let me introduce you to a fairy, Irina Sourzhanskaya, the owner of the”New Spirit” Salon. Even if you do not believe in miracle transformations, remember her name, because this young blonde lady’s good looks, and manners, her self-confidence and magnetic charisma pull you in and make you feel welcome.

- Who are you, Irina Sourzhanskaya? How could you shake and wake up quiet, half asleep Atlanta? How in such a short time
(2 years!) could you open a new salon and establish such an elite clientele? You are legend. Let’s get things clear and separate truth from imaginary to open the secret of your success. Please tell us about yourself.

The questions haven’t caught Irina off guard. Only her sparkling blue eyes give away some inner tension.
- I came from a small Russian town in July of 1996. There I graduated from high school as well as completed musical and ballet schools. My Degree is in business management.

- How is all of this connected? Why such diversity?
-This is how it always has been with me. I wanted to learn much and try different things. A creative and artistic nature as well as practical and analytical approaches have always co-existed in me. This is why, when I was able to combine the above, I reached ideal harmony that I have been striving for all my life. Perhaps this is the reason.

-Why did you leave Russia?
- Russia of the 90s was unemployment, instability and a cruel fight for survival. Like many young people of that time, I didn’t “fit” in the Perestroika years. I also wanted to live an interesting and fulfilling life. My parents were afraid of my decision to move to America. They still live back there, worrying about me even now, even though I call them every week and help them financially.

- Was it easy to begin life in America? What did you do? Who helped you?
- I passed through all of the difficulties of immigration in the USA. I worked hard and studied all the time. Sometimes I was lost, depressed and disappointed. I finished a school of Swedish massage and a school of cosmetics in New York. I was hired by a prestigious salon in Manhattan. Wealthy people, whose names are well known in the US have become my dependant customers. For a year I invented, searched, created, experimented, and tested everything on my skin. Simultaneously I evaluated my education of a Masters degree in business management and completed a computer school.

- What are your basic principles?
- Living in harmony with myself and to not interfere with people around me. I cannot stand lies in any form. Devotion and love of what I do is very important to me. I believe that love is a true life power. I can agree with Plato: “understand what’s just, sense what’s beautiful and wish what’s good – this is the aim of a sound life.”

- Do you find American culture to be very different from Russian?
- When I first came here, at that first moment that is usually referred to as “cultural shock”, the difference was very noticeable. Many things surprised me but very soon I realized that I was in a different world, so the associations must be different – not worse, not better, just different.

-Why did you move from New York to Atlanta?
- My friends, who stayed back there, are still surprised. I love warmth and water. Even though I was born in the north, I was always attracted to warm climates. I visited my friends in Atlanta and enjoyed the mild climate (warm but not hot), the relative proximity to the ocean and good conditions for development of new businesses. Everything is much more complicated in New York.

- Did you ever doubt your choice of occupation?
- No. Feminine enchantment by cosmetology had grown into the business of my life a long time ago. This is a true art, the secret of which is in the fact that it mitigates the faults of nature by sometimes augmenting nature itself. I sincerely love my work. People feel this and value it.

-What is most difficult in your occupation?
-Change a client’s opinion after they have had a previously negative experience. Make them your loyal customer.

-What’s most pleasant?
- Being always in demand and receiving the gratitude of my clients. When a person leaves me and they are inspired, refreshed, fortified and light-hearted as if he had just refreshed in a pure spring, I am happy. This means I did well!

-Who are your clients?
-Men and women of different ages, who are usually wealthy and predominantly Americans.

-Could you refuse your service to an unpleasant person?
-I would say, no. The quality of my work does not depend on my admiration or antipathy. I cannot do a bad job.

-What traits of your character would you highlight?
-Patience and perseverance. I always set extremely difficult goals for myself. This occasionally makes me angry with myself. My friends and relatives are puzzled and confused by this, but I can’t help it. Life does not give you any gifts without hard work and worries. One of my friends said that I build “palaces made of rain”. Well, I turn my palaces into substance with my patience and perseverance.

-Who would you like to meet in life?
-I would like to meet anyone who worked passionately and achieved success. I would also like to meet any people who get pleasure doing what they do for a living and who achieved something using their skills. I like to meet interesting, educated people with wide horizons, especially if I can learn something new from them.

-Let’s remember a cute phrase by J. Rodari:
«Each profession has its special fragrance...»

What is the fragrance of your business?
-It is very delicious and pleasant. This perfume makes you feel dizzy, pulls you in, charms and excites you.

-You have your own clients, why do you need a salon?
-My salon allows me to create my world to fulfill my ideas and thoughts.

-“New Spirit”- is it a SPA salon?
-Yes and no. SPA is the abbreviation of a Latin phrase “Sanus Per Aquam”, which means “health through water”. Also SPA is the name of a Belgian resort town in The Arden that is famous for its natural springs. The SPA treatment is aimed at invigoration and relaxation of the entire body. Working through the skin surface, SPA-components activate metabolic processes, improve blood circulation, remove toxins and pollutants from the body and improve general well being. After treatment, the skin gets incredibly soft and elastic, gains tone and life energy. SPA-therapy contributes to general strengthening and rejuvenation of the organism, vitalizes the spirit, adds general strength and energy and helps preserve beauty and health. In this sense, my salon can be considered a SPA. However, only a few existing salons (there are none in Atlanta that I found so far) are established correctly. By this I mean being able to provide the scope of services required to cover what was just mentioned. I remodeled almost everything in my salon (new hot water pipes, air conditioning and ventilation, etc.). I chose and ordered unique equipment. It is very modern and high-tech. I have seen much, I have read a lot of information on this subject but it is never enough for me to just copy what I saw. I tried to improve on the idea. I created my own unique technology. I work in a different way than beauticians at other salons.

-Why did you choose such an unusual name for your salon?
-“New Spirit” contains the essence of my work. It inspires, encourages, energizes, creates a cheerful mood, lends wings to your spirit and revitalizes the strong desire to live and create....

-Your customers say that you possess some incredible energy that can literally cure? Is this true or imaginary?
-As we know, the client is always right! (laughing). On a serious note, very often I hear that people come to see me with headaches or signs of stress and leave me calm, having forgotten that they had the headache. I must have something in my energy field…

-Could you open the secrets of your mastery or would you be afraid of competitors?

-I do not have competitors. The way I do what I do cannot be done by anyone else. There are always some people who envy me but this is the cross that must be borne by all successful individuals. Let them envy! Now about the secrets... I have mentioned before that I test all of my products on my own skin. I use all masks, cocktails, ointments, shampoos, oils and other cosmetic products in various combinations aiming at each individual client as opposed to just general use. I prefer natural products. My sessions are unique too. One client needs a therapeutic massage from the tips of his toes to the back of his head, where another client may need a mask for the face and stomach, other type of massage, a shower and completely different treatments. I combine general massage with hydro-massage and other treatments, which makes the entire procedure more effective. At the same time I use various equipment developed by me that I have been improving for many years.
A talented violinist or pianist is not usually asked about the secret of his mastery. Talent is talent. A talented cosmetologist is as rare as a talented violin virtuoso.

Intuitiveness, skilled hands, creative approach, charisma and much more devoted to a single individual. Perhaps this is the secret of my success. This is why, after visiting my salon, people become my loyal customers. They wouldn’t go to anyone else, as they say, “even if it were free”.

-What are your prices? How can one make an appointment with you? How many customers do you see a day?
-OK, one question at a time. The services, received by a client, consist of a complex of treatments; the price per session is individual depending on the treatment and the time it takes. All sessions are a combination of treatments. One may be nothing like another. The shortest lasts for 75 minutes but there are some that last one and a half hours, 2 hours and 3 hours. I see 4 or 5 clients a day maximum. I do not believe that you can provide quality services to 10 or more people a day. I give so much energy, strength and positive emotions that I need time to recover. People can call me and make an appointment.

-What is fairy Irina Sourzhanskaya dreaming about today?
-To find kindred spirits. Business is growing fast and I will need help. I would like to find 2-3 ladies, whom I will teach my mastery and skills. I have strict job requirements. Besides legal work authorization and a pleasant appearance, which is very important for a beautician, I am looking for the devotion and love of the work we do, a desire to learn and to give full dedication to the work. I will be able to make excellent masters out of them.

-«I don’t feel like spending my money in cosmetic salons...» Do you hear this often?

-No, I do not hear this. Among my clients, there are no clients who think like this. Even a first comer, unsure of his/her choice will be leaving happy and satisfied and will definitely come back again and again. It doesn’t happen any other way.

-What delights you?
-Many things. I can’t name everything. For example, talent, bravery, honesty, decency, and many other things that are rare but deserve admiration in our complicated world.

-What do you plan to do in America in the future? Career, unfortunately, is not an eternal thing...
-My life is still so full and active that I don’t think about future. When I can’t work anymore, I hope to have trained respectable followers and apprentices. The field of beauty, health and cosmetology is unlimited. There is always something interesting and new to reach toward perfection.

-Are you afraid of anything?

-I will reply with a quote. I am sorry to say that I do not remember the author’s name:
I am afraid to loose the ability to surprise -
I am even more afraid to loose the ability to be surprised.

-Thank you for your time, for enlightening and convincing me.
What can we wish to the master? Perhaps the most important for a creative individual is what you said, Irina, not to loose the ability to surprise and be surprised. If to think about it, this is one of the main components of spiritual and physical health. Don’t get tired of being surprised and giving us wings, blonde-haired fairy. I wish you personal happiness and eternal interest in life!
-Thank you for kind wishes. See you at the “New Spirit” salon!

What Makes us Different

Finding a spa in Atlanta is a pretty simple task. The trick is to find a good one. Fortunately, I’m so confident to tell you that our spa is very unique and up scaled.

The space might be a tad tiny, but everything in there - just perfect.

The newly renovated space is decorated in a spectacular turquoise color with black doors and trims, which gives effect of both: gorgeously classic and surprisingly modern.

The facility has powerful Swiss Jet shower for Hydro-Therapy and Table-shower, where you can get variety of body treatments, such as: body scrubs, Sea salt and Wild honey glowing, Dead Sea mad, detoxifying treatments, body polishing, etc…

Each treatment customized with you in mind to get the best benefit for your skin and health.


as you allow the stresses of the day to wash away. Allow the healing quietude to overtake you. Surrender to the peace of our nurturing ambiance. Connect with all of your senses as you listen to soothing music.

Look around you at the tranquil environment and invite calm into your soul. Feel the warmth of the atmosphere as your muscles release their tension…

We offer many different massage techniques: deep tissue, Swedish, Russian, Hawaiian, Neuromuscular Therapy, anti-cellulite, etc… We can combine your massages with hydro-massage and delicious body treatments.

You can also get extreme feelings by experience our multi head 12 pumps Hydro-Swiss jet shower.


Whether you are a first time facial client, or an experienced maintenance specialist, each treatment is customized with you in mind.  So, whether you are looking for facial changes or just a relaxing experience, we can fulfill all your needs.

Our PACKEGES make the PERFECT gifts

Enjoy the nourishment that attention provides, especially with a package. Each package will take you or your friends and loved ones to a new level of being. They are each designed with services that nourish the skin, reawaken the senses, rejuvenate the body, and rest the mind.

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